Our mission statement is “Accept the Best and Aim to Be the Best”

Definitions and Interpretations

‘Client’ meaning the company, firm and all other customers and/or their Representatives’ that has requested the services of ABM Inventory Services Limited.

‘Landlord’ meaning the Landlord/Landlady or their Representative.

“ABM Inventory Services Limited” meaning ABM Inventory Services Limited or authorised clerks of the ABM Inventory Services Limited whose company’s registered address is 42 Leighton Place, London NW5 2QE and reference to ‘us’ ‘we’ or ‘our’.

‘Services’ meaning the Client/Landlord or their Representative requesting the services of ABM Inventory Services Limited. It is the responsibility of the Client/Landlord or their Representatives to make all parties concerned regarding ABM Inventory Services Limited’s aware of our Terms and Conditions of Business as outlined.

‘Inventory’ meaning the Inventory information of Cleanliness, Conditions, Contents and Décor, Fixtures and Fittings of the property in question together with any other services and reports that are provided by ABM Inventory Services Limited.

‘Report’ meaning the written compiled document itemising and outlining the result of the provision of the services.

‘Clerk’ meaning the person who has been assigned and approved to perform the services by ABM Inventory Services Limited.

‘Check Out’ meaning the written detailed document at the End of the Tenancy the result of the provision of the services.

‘Property Visits/Mid-Term Inspections/’ meaning the written detail document (specifying required service date i.e. quarterly, half yearly or yearly) the result of the provision of the services.

‘Information’ meaning the contents of the various types of Reports offered by ABM Inventory Services Limited.

This report has been prepared by an Inventory Clerk who is not an expert in buildings, furnishings, decoration, woods, antiques or a qualified Surveyor.

ABM Inventory Services will not take water meter readings unless the meter is clearly visible within the property or attached to an exterior wall at low/accessible level.

Windows throughout the property have not been tested for function or operation. Description are purely based on the superficial appearance of windows, frames and locks. ABM Inventory Services can accept no liability arising from any failure of the windows or parts thereof to function properly at all.

This is an independent inventory report that provides a fair and accurate record solely of the contents and condition of the property and does not form any part of a valuation or structural report. It is the responsibility of the Landlord and the Tenant(s) or the respective agents to agree, between themselves, the accuracy of this Report.

This inventory is compiled on the basis that all items listed are in good order and clean and any defects or soiling are noted where appropriate. We are unable to attribute as to the value of any objects in the property and can only provide a description of all items for identification purposes only in order that each item can be compared to its condition at the commencement of the tenancy.

We cannot undertake to move any heavy items, access lofts, high-level cupboards, basements, cellars or similar. Properties that have been left in these mentioned areas, which have not been inventoried, are the sole responsibility of the Landlord.

It is not normal practise to include in detail any of the following items on the inventory: a) numbers and titles of books, b) plants, c) items that are visibly packed for storage, d) items stored in lofts, cellars or inaccessible places.

The Fire & Safety Regulations regarding furnishing, gas, electrical and similar services are ultimately the responsibility of the Instructing Principal. Where the inventory notes FFR label seen, this should not be interpreted to mean that the item complies with the furniture & furnishings (fire) (safety) (Amendments) 1993. It is a record that the item had a label as described, or similar, to that detailed in the guide published by the Department of Trade and Industry January 1997 or subsequent date attached at the time the inventory was compiled. Any electrical appliances tested will be for power only and only where practicable. Boilers, gas fires, water supply and radiators are not tested. The relevant utility companies must
check all meter readings, as we cannot be held responsible for any discrepancies. We are not held liable should meters not be located or accessible to read.